14.0 Extremely good visual phenomena can result from certain weather conditions, such as those during hurricanes in the first days of January 1980. The meteorologist Wilski who worked together with Hiller von Gaertringen on the excavation of ancient Thera reported that one could even see Crete from Santorini, a distance of 120 kilometers. Under such conditions up to seventeen islands may be seen in the vicinity of Santorini. In this photograph the island of Ios can be seen on the horizon to the left. In the caldera the strong waves breaking on the shore have removed pumice from the coast and form a garland-like chain on the water..

Present and future changes of the island

The forces of nature and man are changing the appearance of the volcanic islands. The unrelenting erosive forces of the sea, wind, and rain with time, destroy what the volcano has deposited during the relatively brief time of an eruption. The various types of rocks making up the islands react differently to the effects of this erosion.

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