Feuer im Meer- Fire in the Sea
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You can order the book directly from the publishers Spektrum Akademischer Verlag (German edition) , from Cambridge University Press (English edition) or www.kokon.co.jp (Japanese Edition).

Cambridge University Press

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Country Company Edition Price
Australia Abbeys English $ 54.90
Australia Dymocks English $ 54.85
Australia NetstoreUSA.com English A$ 88*
Australia NetstoreUSA.com English A$ 88*
Canada NetstoreUSA.com English US$ 343.95*
Belgium Proxis.be English 36.49
Canada NetstoreUSA.com German $ 70.20*
Canada Chapters.ca English CDN$ 48.96
Canada BuyBuddy.ca English CDN$ 39.32
Denmark Bol.dk English dkr 335
Finland Bol.fi English 40,00
France Amaazon.fr English 33,84
Germany Amazon.de English 34,34
Germany Alpha-Musik English 38,29
Germany Amazon.de German 49,95
Germany Buch.de English 40,16
Germany Buch.de German 49,95
Germany Buecher.de English 40,16
Germany Bol.de German 49,95
Germany books.de English 32,39
Germany Libri.de English 32,39
Germany Libri.de Gernan N/A 
Germany Buecher.de German 49,95
Germany Spektrum A. Verlag German 49,95
Germany Proxis.de. English 35.54
Greece books.gr English drs 13.500
China Bol.com English 17.96
India Sifymall.com English Rs 1388.52
Italy CD-BOX.it English 37.70
Japan Amazon.co.jp English ¥3,425
Japan Amazon.co.jp German ¥6.596
Japan Amazon.co.jp Japanese ¥5,800
Japan Seikyo Japanese ¥5,800
Japan Kaigai-pub.co.jp English ¥5,380
Japan Fresheye Japanere ¥5,800
Japan Kokon.co.jp Japanere ¥5,800
Japan Jbook.co.jp Japanese ¥5,800
Malaysia Bol.com English 17.96
Netherlands Boekenmeer.com English 38,96
New Zealand NetstoreUSA.com German USD$ 70.20*


You can order the book directly from the publishers Spektrum Akademischer Verlag (German version) or from Cambridge University Press (English version) or in the following internet shops: